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Three Forks Farm

Bobcaygeon (Kawartha Lakes)

Our mission is simple:  Raise wholesome, nutrient-dense food using farming practices that respect the natural tendencies of our animals and the sustainability of our farmland.  Located in Kawartha Lakes, we raise animals on pasture, in natural social groupings.

We want you to know where and how your food was raised and for you ask questions of the farmers who produced it.  In this age of confusing food labelling, we’re committed to building customer relationships based on trust and transparency.

We’re proud to supply our local communities in Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough with delicious, naturally raised, pasture grazed artisanal chicken, pork, turkey and lamb.

3 Steps to Healthier Food

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Proudly serving Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough

7 Commitments From Three Forks Farm:

Always Pasture Raised


Free Range - Raised Humanely


100% Traceable from Farm to Fork


Locally Raised in the Kawarthas


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Increased Nutrient Density


No Routine use of Antibiotics or Medications


Delicious Flavour


Three Forks Farm - Bobcaygeon, , Kawartha Lakes - pasture raised free range heritage pork, turkey and artisanal chicken, delivery to Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Durham and Toronto

1. Farmers Markets

Find us at Bobcaygeon & Toronto (Eglinton Way) Farmers Markets, June to October. 

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2. Order Online

You pick it, we pack it. Order in our Online Store for home delivery, hub pickup or farm pickup. All year round!

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3. Farm Store

Our yurt farm store is your one stop shop for local meats, eggs and other products. Open seasonally.

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Come Visit Us

Farm tours available by appointment, book here. 

Turkey Orders

August & September, order your pasture raised Turkey. Ready for Thanksgiving.

Bobcaygeon Farm Local, Kawartha Lakes

When we sit down for dinner as a family, we feel privileged to know where and how the meat on our plates was raised and we want the same for you – That is traceability. Buying from a local farm provides the opportunity for you to meet and ask questions of your farmer. Want to understand our process better? Go ahead and ask or, better yet, come see for yourself.

Bobcaygeon Farm Natural, Kawartha Lakes

We think animals should be raised in an environment that allows them to express their natural tendencies and behaviours including foraging, roaming, resting and socializing. Every animal we raise has daily access to pasture and garden produce. In raising animals this way, we continue to build our farm’s fertile top-soil – a resource all life depends on.

Bobcaygeon Farm Healthy, Kawartha Lakes

As the saying goes – “You are what you eat”. Research confirms that pasture raised animals are better for you. This food has higher levels of protein, Omega-3 fats, vitamins and micro-nutrients and decreased levels of Omega-6 fats (this is good). In essence, the good stuff from our pastures ends up in your dinner.

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