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Sustainable Farming

  • Kawartha Farm Fest 2018

    Three Forks Farm is happy to announce that we’ll be part of Kawartha Farm Fest 2018 this year. Our pasture-raised pigs and turkeys will be featured as part of the tour. Enjoy walking tours of the farm grounds and a description of how and why we have chosen to raise our animals on pasture.

    On our […]

  • Graduation Goggles

    Sweet success…the ultimate dream…the thing we strive for day after day.  But what exactly is success? Who determines it, and why does it always seem out of reach?  When we are in the thick of our season at Three Forks, it is often hard to view things as a success when they appear to come […]

  • The Downfall of Multitasking

    As a farmer and mother of two young children, multitasking is a mix of survival and success.  Even if I were not trying to manage a seasonal farm, all households require a certain element of multitasking to ensure that everyone and everything keeps moving along.  The problem with multitasking is when the number of tasks […]

  • The Art of Training Pigs

    Our venture with pigs started small, three pigs small to be exact, and it was a shared venture with some good friends who enjoyed good food. Pork was never a staple in our home, simply because we tried to access local meats. Since we had been living in the north that meant bison, moose and […]